Top 5 programming languages experienced software engineers use

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Programming languages including Javascript, Java, and Python are among the most in-demand tech skills for professionals in 2019, according to Hired’s 2019 State of Salaries report released on Thursday. The report examined the current state of tech jobs, determining the most in-demand tech jobs and skills this year.

The report also analyzed the programming languages professionals are using most. While other popular lists of top programming languages are typically geared toward tech professionals as a whole, the report identified the following five most popular languages for experienced professionals—those with more than six years of experience.

Here are the top languages:

  1. Ruby
  2. Go
  3. Scala
  4. TypeScript
  5. Kotlin

For those with four to five years of experience, the report named Go, Ruby, Scala, JavaScript, and TypeScript as the most valuable programming languages to learn. Professionals with more years of experience are expected to already know JavaScript, as it is one of the most widely used programming languages.

For resources on where to learn programming languages for free, check out TechRepublic’s list of GitHub’s best courses and guides for JavaScript developers.

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